Presentation Scan

Presentation Scan
Presentation Scan

Presentation Baby Scan | £69


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This is a traditional 2D baby scan that can be conducted between 26-40 weeks of your pregnancy. The presentation scan focuses on the position of your unborn baby and allows us to assess growth measurements and to check if the placenta is clear of the internal cervical os. The placental function will be assessed using an umbilical artery Doppler blood flow measurement.

✓ Well-being Report
✓ 2D Scan
✓ Growth measurements
✓ Baby Presentation
✓ Establish placenta position
✓ Femur length
✓ Abdominal circumference
✓ Head circumference
✓ Amniotic fluid volume
✓ Audible heartbeat trace
✓ Observe fetal movement
✓ measurement of placental function (Umbilical Artery Doppler Flow)
✓ 25 min appointment
✓ 5-10 min scan

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