Early Pregnancy Services and Scans (7 - 15 Weeks)

7-15 Weeks Early Pregnancy Scans & Services
7-15 Weeks Early Pregnancy Scans & Services

Early Pregnancy Viability Reassurance Scan | £90

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Our early pregnancy scan package is designed for pregnancies typically between 7-15 weeks, offering parents the comfort of reassurance and the opportunity to witness a precious heartbeat. If you find yourself uncertain about your due date or unable to schedule a midwife appointment as early as desired, our early pregnancy scans are the perfect solution. They provide you with an estimated due date and confirm whether you're expecting a single or multiple pregnancy.

✅ 2D Dating Baby Scan
✅ Well-being Report
✅ No GP Referral Required
✅ Quick 5-Minute Baby Scan
✅ 15-Minute Appointment
✅ Visualise Heartbeat and Heart Rate
✅ FREE 4D Peek
✅ Confirmation of Single or Multiple Pregnancy
✅ Calculation of Estimated Due Date (EDD)
✅ 2 Complimentary 2D Black & White Images
✅ Emergency & Out-of-Hours Appointments Available

Please Note

Keep in mind that we utilise a transabdominal (across the tummy) probe for this scan. Therefore, it's essential to consume 1 litre of water before your appointment, please attend your appointment with a full bladder.

The use of abdominal ultrasound prior to 7 weeks gestation can often fail to detect a heartbeat, resulting in an inconclusive assessment of your pregnancy. We have fully qualified OBGYN male sonographers (Female possibly available if requested in advance).

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Offering you the reassurance you need, in those first precious weeks of your pregnancy. Conducted by qualified professionals, set in a state of the art luxury clinic.

You may be feeling 12 weeks is too long to wait for your first baby scan. It is totally understandable to seek reassurance in the first weeks of pregnancy. Numi Scan North London can support you from as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy with an pregnancy ultrasound. Please note we use a transabdominal (across your tummy) probe for this scan. It is important to drink 1 litre of water 45 minutes before the scan.

We have lots of things to see, even at this early stage of pregnancy!
You will be in the early pregnancy bracket from 6 weeks to 15+6. During an early pregnancy scan you can expect to gain lots of valuable information.

Our friendly qualified team will give you a warm welcome and book you in at reception. The reception team are always on hand to help and support you with any request that you may have. Please let us know if you require a Chaperone/Translator or any other support before your scan, we will be very happy to assist you.

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