Early Gender DNA - Sneak Peek Clinical

Early Gender DNA  - Sneak Peek Clinical
Early Gender DNA  - Sneak Peek Clinical

All you need to know about SneakPeek Clinical Gender Test:

Boy or Girl? Find out sooner than ever before! Starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy with a 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test. Administered by a clinical phlebotomy professional (leaving no room for contamination).

The results emailed straight to you in 3-8 business days!

15 minute appointment where our welcoming and experienced phlebotomist will take a maternal blood sample from our arm.

Please note that you must be at least 6 weeks pregnant to generate a result

The price of £129 will not include a dating scan, you are always advised to upgrade to have a scan included

Results are sent direct to your email within 5-7 working days (Please be aware that weekends and holidays may affect deliver times)

(Recommended) Upgrade To Include Early Pregnancy Scan For an additional £50:

NumiScan North London highly recommends having an Early Pregnancy scan ahead of the test. This is to ensure that your pregnancy is viable, and to confirm the gestation of your pregnancy. Additionally, we will check for multiple pregnancies - We run these checks to insure you have an accurate result.

Early Pregnancy Scan Upgrade Includes:
Appointment duration: Approx. 30 minutes

✅ 2D Dating Baby Scan
✅ Well-being Report
✅ Quick 5-Minute Baby Scan
✅ 15-Minute Appointment
✅ Visualise Heartbeat and Heart Rate
✅ FREE 4D Peek
✅ Confirmation of Single or Multiple Pregnancy
✅ Calculation of Estimated Due Date (EDD)
✅ 2 Complimentary 2D Black & White Images

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